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Once upon a time it happened, how it happened is a fiction by me for you.



Welcome dear All readers to my blog and to my story world,
Feel free to roam as much as you would like here. You are safe and you are valued.

Are u a fan of mine..? Yes? It would be really an honor to have you
                                      as a member of my blog. Pls join.
                                       No ? Feel free to share your ideas with me directly.

Do u like this blog...? Yes? Thank you. 
                                       No? I would be most glad to receive your comments 
                                       and criticism directly.

Do u have any advice...? Yes? Im all ears for you.
                                           No? Would like to know what u think.

If anything to say, all readers, pls feel free to contact me through FB or MSN. 

My address is : fathisthari@hotmail.com and my FB group is: Fathisthari@groups.facebook.com

Terms and condition of this blog:

1- Read and comment just as you feel is every readers right in here, either anonymously or as a registered member.

2- Kindly pls use *some name*  or any name to comment. Any name is just fine as long as it is NOT "fathisthari"

3- Do not get personal with anyone in here.

4- Negative comments and criticism is highly valued and appreciated and accepted. But  filthy comments are not welcomed and will never be published.

5- Politics and talking about local high level authorities are not permitted in here.

Thanks for your support.



From Malay:

This is a great welcome. u really do know how to direct ppl dho. Love u for that. I have never seen anyone much brighter than you. Keep on working dear, im having a feeling you wil be a grt writer in future.May Allah always bless you.tc



hmm.mi goi rangalhu.rajister kuran nujehi beynun komme meehakavves beynun eccheh bunvey gothah coment kurevey.v.best.keep on doing grt dear. U r our beloved.this family wil always be with you.


Good Luck Fathis. and may God always light your path with success! Aameen! I'm always with you, beside you and trying to follow you as I know i can learn a lot from you. and by the way this is NICE!


Mariyam : Go confidently in the direction of your DREAMS!!! LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE imagined.

friend to fathisthari

V furi hama stories thah . .... If u want , I hope u can be the perfect story writer... may God bless you ......


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